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Facing job application rejection – don’t let it get you down!

30 Aug 12:00 by Rachael Hart


Most people I help in the world of recruitment are often scared of rejection; let’s face it, it isn’t a nice feeling!  One of the worst parts of my job is telling people they have been unsuccessful when they applied for a job I am recruiting. I personally know the feeling of rejection can be quite stressful for someone therefore I always offer advice if needed!

One thing that lets people down when applying for a job is that their CV does not match with the job description! It sounds simple enough but this happens to many applicants, and most can’t understand why.

My tip is to make sure your experience skills and achievements, match the job descriptions needs and that you clearly make them stand out on your CV.

There have been times when an applicant has rung me, wondering why they haven’t been put forward for the job I am recruiting for. I am always open to help someone out if this is the case and let them know why! Sometimes it may just be the case that they do have the skills and experience needed, however they are not on their CV or made clearly!

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