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Happy World Values day!

19 Oct 07:00 by Kathy Koomson


A wonderful time to reflect on what matters to you in your personal or work life!

Okay I know these world days are getting ridiculous, I mean in October alone there has been ‘It’s my party day’, ‘Dictionary day’ and ‘International moment of frustration scream day’, all real days by the way. 

It was nice to come across World Values day or evaluate your life day, depending where you live in the world.

Whatever way you put it, values are important to us and are the foundation of our lives. 

I have worked at different organisations over my career, some did not have any Corporate Values, some did and these values MADE the company. These particular values, guided the service being provided to customers, motivated and rewarded employees and delivered value to shareholders.

I did not get it at first, why this particular company had these values on walls, on cards, discussed in meeting, some people even joked about sleeping with their values card under their pillow…crazy people, I thought!

However, from my personal experience, the more importance placed on corporate values the better the performance amongst employees and greater satisfaction delivered to the customer.  This particular company pushed the boundaries in terms of goals, targets, always delivered and won, even in a very challenging economy.

This is also backed up by research that has been published on  

‘Research from Strategy& shows that organisations with a distinctive culture are

  • 1.9 times more likely to grow revenue faster than competitors
  • 1.7 times more profitable than their industry peers
  • 2 times more likely to quickly translate important strategic and operational decisions into action.’

It’s been an interesting exercise looking at different company values, integrity, teamwork, knowledge and honesty feature a lot, but I like the ones that tell you about the personality of the organisation

  • ‘Don’t be evil’– from Google,
  • ‘Fun: Enjoyment and Humour, not offensive and incompetent’ or
  • ‘Reach, Learn, Di-bear-sity Colla-bear-ate Give, Cele-bear-ate’ from Build a Bear workshop’

Some business actually interview and score candidates on their company values, and as a Candidate it’s a good exercise to know the company values your interviewing at and have examples of how you demonstrate these values.

The Directors at Core Talent wrote their values back in 2007 when they started the business. They believed in having values and wanted all new employees, clients and candidates to understand what was important to them.

We rebranded in July 2017 and as a business we all felt it was important to review our values and ensure they were still reflective of the business, our employees and the service we wanted to provide to our Clients and Candidates.

We even got these 3 populations involved in workshops and asked for feedback.  It was not just a tick in the box exercise

As a result, we did change our Values.

Know their World, Open and Honest and Driven to Deliver are the guiding principles that push us to Make the right Move at Core Talent.

And, we don’t want these to be words/phrases just to be written down and forgotten about.

At each monthly meeting, different teams will focus on a value and present to the whole business on what a value means to them and how they have lived that value during the month.  The examples are varied, funny, interesting, moving, but all in all the employees of our business get behind the values and put them into practice during their working days.  This is the Core Talent way, and how we like to do business.

For more information on World Values day visit for some really useful information and resources for the corporates, communities, schools and Individuals,

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