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The Wolf of Wall Street & My Apprenticeship

09 Apr 10:00 by Steven Duckett


If I rewind the clock back a little over 12 months, I picture myself still working a retail job, stacking shelves and suffering with horrible shift patterns. As much as I enjoyed getting paid, there was no job satisfaction and no progression; it was time for a change.

When I started looking for a new job, I knew an apprenticeship was probably my best option because as much as I'd enjoyed learning during my college years, I didn't want to sacrifice making money and an apprenticeship offered the best of both worlds. Before I knew it, I had an interview at Core Talent and a few days later, I had accepted the job.

This is where things started to get interesting, because as I told my friends and family the good news, they started warning me that all recruiters “just look for the biggest pay check and aren't bothered who they hurt along the way” - or words to that effect. I'll be open and honest in the fact that this played on my mind in the days leading up to my first day. I started to imagine the office being a high intense setting with people shouting down the phones – something similar to The Wolf of Wall Street.


I was greeted by both directors and my manager on my first day, and while the office did have a good buzz about it, it was the complete opposite from the scenario I had built up. All around me I could hear my new colleagues having genuine, normal conversations with their candidates and clients.

There was no forcing numbers or costs down the phone, no heated ultimatums, nothing. This place was different – a good different.

My first day was an absolute blur. No sooner had I made my trip round the office to meet everyone and learn the basics, it was time to go home. It felt like someone had taken me to the deep end of a swimming pool and thrown me in head first. Luckily, my line manager and mentor gave me all the support and guidance I needed both in my day job and in my apprenticeship course – I am eternally grateful.

Fast forward 9 months or so and I now have my own dedicated team that I support in more ways than I can explain. Drafting contract and extension paperwork, acting as first response for computer related issues, preparing meetings and much more. I have found my groove so to say, and I am loving every second – which is just as well as no two days are the same at Core Talent. I've also made so great new friendships with truly interesting people, which is always an added bonus.


So what does the future hold for me? In summary, right now I'm not 100% sure, Core Talent is growing at an incredible rate and I intend to grow with it. How, you ask? By giving 100% every day and learning as many new skills as possible.


So if you're on the lookout for a new job and want to talk to open and honest recruiters who take the time to get to know the person behind the CV, then give us a call on 0161 832 1378. Alternatively you can register with us through our website. It only takes 2 minutes and it could change your life.