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The World Cup is not just about football.

19 Jun 01:00 by Kathy Koomson


Is the world cup just about football?

The world cup is here and it has been exciting so far - England have even clocked up 3 points in their first game.

The World Cup is not just about the football.  Don’t get me wrong, I love football and being an Arsenal, England and Ghana fan, I have spent many years watching some great (and not so great) football.

I have seen stars like Maradona, Messi, Henry, Gullit, Roger Milla, Totti, The Brazilian Ronaldo, Klinsman, Van Basten, Baggio to name a few, at the top of their game, on the world stage, scoring goals, winning games, representing their Country. Surely this must be some the of best days in the office for these players?

Team dynamics are interesting,…in 2010 there was a stark difference between Capello’s bored England squad on lockdown and the Ghana Black Stars, turning up for games dancing and singing together. They demonstrated tremendous team spirit and quite rightly earned a place in the quarter finals.

Whist we are on the subject of Ghana in the quarter finals…there is always a villain at the world cup, Surez, David Beckham for that kick, Ronaldo’s and his wink, Maradonna’s hand of god, and one of the most shocking and disappointing for me was Zidane’s headbutt, I have always admired Zizou as a footballer and this was not the best way to retire from International football after a fantastic career!

The managers play a big part on the sidelines,  celebrating, close to tears or annoyed.  

England have a great history of Manager dramas,…however Bobby Robson was the best England manager I have seen in my lifetime.  I always have a smile on my face when I think back to Italia 90, the whole nation was behind the team and me like many people,, seriously thought we were going to win it.. Even New Order’s World in motion captured the mood of the country and is still billed as one of the best Football songs of all time.

And what a side, Lineker, Gazza, Walker, Parker,  Barnes, Seaman, Pearce…the list goes on. A talented, motivated team who did their best for both their clubs and country. There was none of this ‘they are good, but can’t play together’ talk  as we heard for years about Lampard & Gerrard. But alas, it was not meant to be as we lost out on good old penalties….due to nerves, lack of skill or not enough preparation?

Everyone loves an underdog story and Senegal beating world champions France, Costa Rica beating Italy & Uruguay or Cameroon beating Champions Argentina all commanded admiration and who could have predicted Mexico beating Germany last weekend?

From my retail days there is also beneficial financial impact to the economy during the tournament, with an increase in TV sales, party food, drink & fridges.

There is also the sad, disturbing and horrible reality, with a surge in domestic abuse during the world cup as researched by Lancaster University Criminologist, Dr Stuart Kirby. As a result several police forces have joined the Give Domestic Violence the Red Card Campaign and are providing additional specialist support for victims at this time.

The World Cup tournament, can be compared to the workplace; Manager direction and motivation, team spirit team, dynamics, unsung heros who make it up there with the stars and ultimately winning the top prize in your chosen career.

However you choose to look at  you look at it, have a safe and happy World Cup!

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