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Four Day Week Anyone?

09 Jul 09:00 by Victoria Goodier


Is it time for the UK to work a four day week?

 More and more candidates of mine are requesting the option to work from home or work a four day week, slowly but surely, a number of my client’s are becoming open to the idea...

We now work in a world of 24/7 emails, smart phones, tablets and wifi; shouldn’t such technological advances in many instances open the door to a different way of working?  

As technologically savvy “millennials” are breaking through into the work place and more experienced people are in theory well equipped to manage and deliver their work load, I think it’s time we start to look at flexible working with serious consideration.

In 2016, 12.5m work days were lost because of work-related stress, depression or anxiety. The biggest single cause by a long way – in some 44% of cases was workload. 

Public Heath Expert Professor John Ashton amongst others as suggested a four day week could improve the nation’s health

There are also the obvious environmental benefits of reducing commuters, as well as a reduction in pressure on infrastructure. 

Strong economies such as Germany and Holland have shorter working weeks and their work force is arguably more productive.

All in all, I am converted to the benefits of this model and I am working with a number of client’s with similar attitudes, so if you are looking for a more flexible working week within the Construction industry, get in touch with me via email at or on 0161 832 1378. 

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