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The CEO Sleepout - Fighting Homelessness & Poverty across the UK

28 Sep 12:00 by David Nesbitt & Damian Diggles


The CEOSleepout, what it means to us...

David and I are both Mancunians born and bred, so when the team members voted to choose Mustard Tree as the Core Talent charity of choice, we both felt pleased that we would contribute something to people in need of some support in Greater Manchester.

What we also liked about the ethos of mustard tree is their Core Values match a lot of the attributes needed in the recruitment world – those of Belief, Dignity, Opportunity, Diversity and Partnership.

What we have really enjoyed is the way Core Talent has embraced Mustard Tree as it’s partner – championed by Adam Davies the teams have been involved in various volunteering projects such as the Soup Kitchen and getting Furniture donations. This on top of the Pizza Run and our team of explorers that tamed Snowden.

So what have David and I given – well up till now – probably not enough.

But on the 15th of October we will be doing the CEO sleepover and we need your help to raise as much money as possible for a great cause.

Following on from Damian, our office is in the heart of Manchester and I have worked in the City for 17 years. I now see so many more people sleeping on the streets and in poverty.

It is upsetting to me that some people don’t have the basics such as a home and security that most of us take for granted.

I was very pleased when The Mustard Tree won the vote to become our chosen charity partner here at Core Talent.

The Mustard Tree do amazing things to help people facing poverty and homelessness giving them experiences and opportunities to enable them to help themselves, to build their confidence to live a more fulfilling life. 

The teams have done a lot of events for our chosen charity so far, and we as CEO’s & Mancunians are doing the CEOSleepout on 15th October to help others and to support our teams, with a charity they are passionate about.

I am looking forward to contributing as much as we can through the CEO Sleepover for The Mustard Tree.

Please help us to help the homeless and poverty stricken people of Greater Manchester and give generously!