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How to get a payrise

18 Oct 13:00 by Hilary Beard


How to get a pay rise

During the summer we have all been hearing from the media about the “Disloyalty Bonus.”

We already see this from Banks, Mobile contracts and Utilities where we can get better deals if we move and become a new customer with them. 

It doesn’t pay to stay, to get a better deal, it pays to move.

In April this year the average wage growth grew more than inflation, the highest pay growth was from employees moving to a new role.

So what is the “Disloyalty Bonus” and how can you benefit? 

The obvious benefit from this is getting an increase in salary that you could wait a decade for at your current company. 

There aren’t many employers who give pay rises for length of service. At the moment the average pay rise is around 3% in the UK. A pay rise is generally due to KPIs, promotions or simply asking for a pay rise.

In recent years employees have found if they want to get a higher salary the most effective way is by moving to another company. In the past year The Core Talent Transport Team have seen candidates increase from an extra £2k to £15k by moving to a new role. 

The main increases have come from Aerospace, Rail & Automotive especially within Supply Chain & Purchasing across the UK. 

Companies in this industry are looking for high calibre candidates who are targeted on cost savings, supplier performance and process efficiency. They will pay higher salaries knowing that these Candidates can save the company £1,000's of pounds and make the company run more efficiently.

Before you move ask yourself, is it just about the money or is there another reason?

If you are a Supply Chain or Purchasing professional with a background in automotive, aerospace and rail manufacturing please get in touch with myself Hilary Beard on 0161 220 1953 or email me