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BREXIT & The European Sales Engineer

18 Jan 10:00 by Mark Carney


With Brexit looming large in the near future, it has definitely cast doubts across several sectors in the UK, but what does it mean for those with frequent travel across Europe within the job role?

European Sales Engineers are struck with a dangerous double edged sword of the potential impact on UK manufacturing, as well as the effect it will have on the bulk of their day-to-day duties. Looking across the board, it may not be the catastrophe that it could seem on the face of it, and there could be ways to get around the problems it may cause.

So, what are the possible impacts?


Much has been made about how a deal would cause travel uncertainties for crossing to mainland Europe if you want a city break. But when it’s your livelihood, it takes this to a different level.

However, this could just become interpreted as a similar aspect to the role that Sales Consultants already face in American, Asian and African markets. Gaining access to countries on Visa’s is just an excepted norm within those fields. It would just be the initial teething to a new system when it is introduced.


Linking much into getting around the travel concerns, planning is key to being ahead of the game.

Now, this may well be easier said than done, especially as there is no clear Brexit plan currently lined up. Nonetheless, setting obtainable goals is already a practised standard for sales professionals, so why not stick to what you know. Looking into targeting either new industries or geographical regions, could lead to a good transition for your business transactions.

Looking at options

There will always be factors that may stop you looking elsewhere within your companies remit. If you love the European travel and how the market place works, it could be worth weighing up your situation.

Within International Sales, location is not always the key factor for the consultant. Working for a company based outside the UK may be worth assessing. They would come with a smaller risk on manufacture issues in the initial stages of the split from Europe, and allow you to continue plying your trade in the regions that you get to work across.

All being said, it is not all doom and gloom. Of course there are going to be issues that come up no matter how you try and get through this transition. But with this it can also provide new opportunities for either you as an individual, or to help the business you work for hit new areas.

Regardless of it all, you still get to have the job that can constantly take you to new places.

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