We support the Advanced Manufacturing Industry

The Advanced Manufacturing industry is changing, there are many factors driving this change. Such as a desire to become more sustainable, decarbonise as well as an aspiration to convert to a Circular Economy model.

We’re seeing an impact from innovative technologies and Artificial Intelligence (AI) which are altering the profile of the workforce, shifting relationships across the supply chain, manufacturing process and consumers.

Advanced Manufacturing can be seen in many sectors such as automotive, food and drink, consumer goods and aerospace. In the automotive field there is a progressive move from producing a restricted range of vehicle models to a more adaptive process where equipment can be altered to produce several models from the one factory.

The food and drink industry is adjusting to an aspiration to be able to respond rapidly to changes in product development and production. Underpinning the changes in the food and drink industry is a necessity for leaner production to help reduce costs.

The aerospace sector is different to many other Advanced Manufacturing sectors in that the production is more complex and lower capacity and requires higher quality workable environments.

We work with companies across a wide spectrum of industries in the Advanced Manufacturing field placing candidates in a varied range of positions such as Plant Directors, Engineering Managers, Design Engineers and Process Engineers.

We’ve developed strong relationships with candidates and companies alike within Advanced Manufacturing.

If you’re looking to make the next move in your profession within Advanced Manufacturing speak to our dedicated team who will be able to guide you through the whole process.