Our Managed Service Provider Services

Core Talent helps clients by providing a cohesive non-permanent resource strategy and management solution. Our MSP solution is the perfect way to improve the way you recruit and procure all your non-permanent workforce; so all Contingent, Contract, Interim and Temporary workers.

What is our MSP Service and who is it used by?

Our MSP Service is where we assume primary responsibility for the end-2-end management, sourcing, engagement, administration and compliance of all our clients’ non-permanent workers.

We provide a solution and service that is flexible and has the agility to scale to meet business needs and demands; which we believe is the critical requirement for your non-permanent team.

Core Talent MSP solution incorporates;

  • Programme Management and Account Management

  • Hiring Planning and Job Requisition and Distribution

  • Monitoring, reporting and advising on budgets and spend

  • Compliance and financial expertise and processes

  • Vendor Selection and supplier management

  • Implementing Process improvements and efficiencies

Our MSP service includes contingent workforce recruitment, onboarding, full payroll services, engagement, tracking MI and reporting SLAs and off-boarding.

What are the benefits of our MSP Solution?

The benefits include:

  • Cost Savings - Reducing Non-Permanent workforce costs

  • Reduced time to hire

  • Process efficiencies

  • Risk control & Governance – ensuring consistent labour law and regulatory compliance giving you peace of mind

  • Improved access to top talent – a flexible and changeable team of non-permanent talent

  • Flexibility and agility to scale to meet business needs and demands

  • Non Perm workforce intelligence

  • Consistent and efficient onboarding and offboarding

  • Contractor MI and KPIs and SLAs to measure the service and delivery

Why use Core Talent MSP Service?

Our MSP service manages your recruitment and procurement process with the aim of consolidating all non-permanent workers across your business whether they are sourced directly or via recruitment and staffing agencies.

Core Talent's MSP service allows our clients to optimise the use of their non-permanent workforce and spend. It manages and mitigates contingent talent risks, allowing you to recruit specialist, assignment-ready contractors fast and in a compliant manner.

Here is an Overview of our MSP Managed Service Provider Services: