Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Our RPO services are designed to alleviate this pressures of recruitment, enabling organisations to focus on what they do best while we handle the complexities of the recruitment process.
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The Core Talent Advantage

In today's highly competitive landscape, organisations must hire and retain the best talent to succeed and grow. For many, talent attraction and retention are crucial but challenging aspects that extend beyond their core capabilities. Consequently, they opt to outsource some or all of their permanent recruitment function to us, allowing them to concentrate on their core business activities with the assurance that their recruitment needs are in safe hands.

About our RPO service

You can outsource the whole or part of your recruitment function to us. We take a holistic and consultative approach to implement best practice and optimise your end-to-end recruitment process.

We do this by embedding dedicated recruiters, utilising technology, and our expertise to create best practices and processes.

Our RPO service spans a full End-to-End Recruitment Strategy including:


  • Forecasting and resource planning
  • Sourcing and recruiting
  • Onboarding
  • Reporting & MI 

We will also work with you on EVP – Employer Value Proposition, Brand and Marketing, and employee engagement.


What Are the Benefits of Our RPO Service?

Our specialists RPO service offers our clients an array of the following benefits:

  • Reduced overall hiring costs and cost per hire
  • Simplified management with all hires consolidated into one project
  • Enhanced quality of hires and quicker hiring times
  • Project-based costing for straightforward budgeting
  • Additional services, such as research projects, included in the package

We can improve efficiencies and ROI and give you the ability to scale and grow your business using our team. Our RPO service delivers a consistent and reliable process and ensures you have the right skills in the right place at the right time at a reduced total cost.

Why use Core Talent for RPO?

We will support you through the whole process from Interview, offer and through to post placement onboarding.

Whether you need comprehensive end-to-end solutions or targeted support for specific projects, our expertise ensures a streamlined hiring process that delivers exceptional results. Discover how our tailored RPO services can enhance your recruitment strategy and drive your business forward.

Contact one of the Tactical Consultancy Team for more information or you can register your requirements here.

Additional Services

We are happy to offer a range of additional services to support your project to include: 

  • Market Mapping:- Detailed reports that cover candidate volumes, competitor analysis and candidate expectation, providing unmatched market intelligence
  • Employer Branding & EVP:- Boost your employer brand with our expert strategic branding and marketing
  • Talent Pipelining:- Stay ahead of talent shortages with our proactive talent pipelining. We identify and track potential candidates, creating a talent pool to ensure a smotth recruitment process.



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