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Core Talent offers more than ‘the traditional’ recruitment services. We also provide a range of value-added services that can improve your business efficiency, reduce your costs and deliver expertise into your business with precision and flexibility.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing
Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)
Managed Service Provider (MSP) at Core Talent
Managed Service Provider (MSP)
Core Talent Consulting Services
Recruitment Process Outsourcing Core Talent
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Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Today we are in very competitive times and for organisations to succeed and grow they must hire and retain the best talent. That's why some of our clients outsource their permanent recruitment function to us. By outsourcing your recruitment function (in whole or part) as experts we'll deliver improved quality, reduce costs,improve efficiencies and service levels delivering at a far greater return on investment. Most importantly we have the capacity and expertise to enable the scalability to meet your demanding growth plans. Our RPO service delivers a consistent and reliable process and ensures you have the right skills in the right place at the right time at a reduced total cost.

End2End RPO

Enables a company to outsource all hiring for a specific entity. For example, you may want us to recruit a specific role family - e.g. sales function or for a division of your organisation globally or in a single country or region.

Core Projects RPO

Our Core Projects RPO service enables clients to quickly hire our team to fill a specific need within a designated and demanding time frame – e.g., launching a new factory or construction site, dealing with recruitment backlogs or spikes and unexpected hiring demand.

On-Demand RPO

Our On-Demand Recruiter RPO is similar to Core Projects RPO. Where we embed, one or a team of our senior recruiters who join your business or your Talent Acquisition team for a specific project or for a particular amount of time.

MSP Services in a factory

Managed Service Provider (MSP)

Our MSP solution is the perfect way to improve the way you recruit and procure all your non-permanent workforce; so all Contingent, Contract, Interim and Temporary workers.

In these rapidly changing times, having a flexible non-permanent team of resource is vital to keep companies lean, agile and competitive. Our MSP service manages your recruitment and procurement process with the aim of consolidating all non-permanent workers across your business.

Our MSP Service is where we assume primary responsibility for the end-2-end management, sourcing, engagement and administration of all our clients’ non-permanent workers, whether they are sourced directly or via recruitment and staffing agencies.

Core Talent's MSP service allows our clients to optimise the use of their non-permanent workforce and spend. It manages and mitigates contingent talent risks, allowing you to recruit specialist, assignment-ready contractors fast and in a compliant manner.

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Team work Consultancy Services at Core Talent
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We understand the questions & give you the Answers….

Core Talent offers more than ‘the traditional’ recruitment services. Our Consulting Services have evolved as a result of our clients asking us questions such as:-

•How do we hire the best?

•Why am I losing so many top performers?

•Does my Employer Brand reflect what it’s like to work here?

•How can our senior leadership team spend less time on recruitment?

•Is my team really engaged?

•How do we compare to our peers in our sector?

We will work closely in a non-intrusive way to identify issues and opportunities within your end2end talent attraction and retention strategy.

We present innovative solutions that work best for your business and then work with your team through implementation to ensure we embed a sustainable solution giving long lasting results and benefits.

Market Mapping

Core Talent will complete mapping exercises for individual roles or groups of roles/skills as required by our clients. We provide a detailed report with insights and market intelligence that help our clients shape a hiring plan and strategy. We can produce an extensive list of data; for example, we can present numbers of candidates by role/skillset, competitor tracking of similar roles, and retention levels.

​Employer Branding & EVP

Our brand and marketing team will work with you to create an authentic and attractive employer brand. We can also work with you to promote your EVP across social media channels to increase your brand reach and help attract and retain the best talent in your market.

​Talent Pipelining

We work with the client to identify the most at-risk or challenging to find roles. Core Talent flags and monitors potentially suitable candidates to create a talent pipeline (eco-system) which is regularly monitored and refreshed.

Consultancy Services Core Talent Overview

Consultancy Services

Our Consultancy services identifies issues and opportunities within your end2end talent attraction and retention strategy.

Consultancy Services Core Talent Overview

MSP Services

Core Talent's Managed Service Provider Solution helps our clients make the wisest decisions to optimise the use of their non-permanent workforce and spend.

Our MSP Service manages, controls, and mitigates contingent talent risks and controls vendor costs.

RPO Services Core Talent Overview

RPO Services

Our (RPO) Recruitment Process Outsourcing service allows Clients to outsource their recruitment function (in whole or part) to us.

Our RPO service delivers a reliable process and ensures you have the right skills in the right place at the right time at a reduced total cost.

Services Overview

Find out more about our Managed Service Provider, Recruitment Process Outsourcing, and our Consultancy services here.

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Our Tactical Consultancy Services are managed and overseen by Commercial Director Victoria Goodier

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Victoria Goodier

Commercial Director

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"​​During the recruitment process, they kept me informed of all communications with the prospective employer and acted extremely diligently on my behalf which greatly contributed to me securing the role. I would have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone seeking employment in the Building Services sector"

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"Core Talent have placed several successful candidates. They think outside the box and will provide you with options you haven’t thought of. The focus is on business relationships."

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Case Studies

International Construction Case Study

International Construction Case Study

​Client: An international construction & engineering business with operations across Europe and projects typically valued in excess of €500m​Industry: Advanced Facility Construction​Roles: Project team including Project Manager, Engineers, Planners, and Commercial staffCore Talent Specialist Team: International ConstructionSituation/Challenge​To provide a tailored solution to their recruitment challenges in Scandinavia at very short noticeThis business had not actively recruited in the region previously and approached Core Talent about scaling up a key project for themThis included providing a core project team including Project Manager, Engineers, Planners, and Commercial staff with experience on similar projects and a willingness to work overseas​Solution/ProcessA meeting was set up between the Clients’ Directors and the Core Talent International Construction team, to assess scope of works and understand the most important aspects and overcome challenges facing the recruitment process.A full scope of work, including job specs and person profiles, was taken and a bespoke Recruitment Plan was put in place to provide the transparency and cooperative approach needed to work in-country and source the quality personnel needed to deliver this project Candidates were sourced, screened and met. Interviews were set up within 3 working days with the first hire taking place in less than 7 working daysOutcome/ResultsThe most important and urgent positions on the project (including Project Manager and Lead Engineer) were sourced within 2 weeks and the remaining team was on-site within 6 weeksThe project was resourced successfully with quality personnel across the board and to the end-client’s timelineThe client has since offered Core Talent exclusivity on future projects in the region

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