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Short Guide to Starting your Job Search

15 Jan 09:00 by Antonia Dainton


Short guide to starting your job search.


We’ve all been there, I remember doing it a few  months ago….even as a recruiter where I spend most of my day looking at CVs and on the job boards, it wasn’t easy.


Start at the beginning, what made you start to look for a new job? Promotion, family life changed, sick of working late nights? I know it sounds simple but you need to get to the crux of the matter.


Then onto the CV, It can be daunting stuff. Where do you even start?


You sit down at the laptop confidently typing CV at the top of your page, then your mind freezes and you’re staring at the page for a few minutes or even hours.

Start with the easiest bit your contact details, the bits us recruiters need to call you about roles. (For your security, use your area and location only, not your full home address).


Next your most recent role, dates, job title & company Bullet point your responsibilities and then work backwards in your employment history. Try to include everything relevant to the job you want.

Add in a section for your Education and Achievements and save it, now onto the search!


There are many ways to aid your job search but I think these will be the top two for most people.


Job Boards

Look for ones that are geared towards your market. I specialise in recruiting Maintenance Engineers and Managers and I find the best websites are ones like Jobsite, Justengineers and CVLibrary for my market. Upload your CV, it honestly takes 5 minutes or less. Recruiters get an alert when a new CV is loaded, so they can start to find you. Then get to it, start searching, type in the job you're looking for and the location. You'll be hit with a wall of options, but remember why you're looking. Think to yourself, why am I applying for that role on nights, which is 1k more, when I really don't want to work nights? Dedicate some time to this because there’s quite a few jobs out there, so be selective in what you apply for.



The best way, yes I'm bias. I work in the Consumer and Medical Supply Division at Core Talent so everything from Food, Chemicals, Drinks to Pharmaceutical is my turf and I can honestly say I've never been busier than in the last few months. More businesses are turning to recruiters because they are rushed off their feet, so you lucky things get to have a conversation with come on we're not all bad. A good recruiter can be a God-send so do some digging, find out who you're friends have used before and have a look at the specialists in your area. A good recruiter can get your CV in front of businesses who don’t use job boards and can give you some insider knowledge of the job market, so it’s worth having one on your side helping you.


If you’re still looking for engineering roles, we can help. Call me on 0161 220 1951 or send your CV to and I can pass your details onto the most relevant consultant for you.