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Flavours, Fragrance and Functional Ingredients

07 May 09:00 by Daniel Diggle


I have recruited exclusively into the International flavour, fragrance & functional ingredients markets for the past 5 years.

I joined Core Talent recently to help with their expansion within the wider Consumer Goods  market and bring my niche knowledge along with me.

I really enjoy working with the flavour and fragrance market as it’s so innovation focused and it’s interesting to see the future emerging trends that will be in our food products in the future before they hit the supermarket shelves.

My clients range from global leaders in the field to smaller specialist companies who cater to one product category. It’s very satisfying finding the right candidate, with the right experience for my clients, especially as I get see, taste and experience the end products when they appear on the shop floor.

As consumers grow more health conscious, you can already see the rise in protein based products but this trend will continue with probiotic ingredients and botanical extracts which add further functionality to our beverages.

Key flavours that are emerging over the next two years include cayenne pepper, reship and hibiscus in our drinks.

Flavours such as ghost pepper, liquorice & dark chocolate in our salty snacks and oats, sriracha & black sesame in our desserts.

If you work within commercial or Innovation within the flavours & ingredients markets and are looking to explore new opportunities then feel free to get in touch at or on 0161 832 1378.