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The Importance of utilising Interim Professionals

21 May 10:00 by Adam Metcalf


The Importance of utilising Interim Professionals

In February, IHS Markit released their latest UK Labour Market Report on Jobs in the UK.

Sponsored by the Recruitment & Employment Confederation this report is designed to “provide the most up to date monthly picture of recruitment, employment, staff availability and employee earnings trends available”.

In the report it was noted that “the availability of candidates for permanent roles continued to decline in February”.

Across the UK Engineering market staff shortages were reported across a range of areas that included Automotive, Civil, CNC, Design, Electrical, Engineers, Industrial, Maintenance, Managers, and Mechanical.

With this in mind the option to utilise Interim candidates is becoming more important than ever with many manufacturing businesses throughout the UK relying on the skills and experience of professional contractors to ensure that the needs of their business are met.

So what are the benefits of hiring a professional contractor?


No matter where in the UK you are based there will always be someone willing to work onsite, even if this means living away from home during the week. For many manufacturing companies the location of their site is the single biggest challenge they face when recruiting. This challenge is removed when recruiting a professional interim with large numbers of individuals prepared to travel for the right opportunity.


Making a commitment to hire a staff candidate on a permanent basis is not always in the best interests of the business. A strong order book today doesn’t guarantee a strong order book in 12 months time and as such many companies benefit from appointing interim professionals to provide cover for when they know they’ll be busy rather than for when they hope they’ll be busy.


The vast majority of individuals who work on a contract basis do so because they are very good at what they do. Let’s face it; contracting is a risky game that comes with the pressures of not knowing where your next assignment will come from. The only way to guarantee continuity of work is to have a proven track record of stepping into roles at short notice and delivering in those roles. Those that fail to do this are very quickly found out.

Sign Off

In today’s market many “hiring managers” struggle to get sign off to go out and hire permanent staff members. Hiring an interim is often seen as a smart way around this with many businesses showing increased levels of flexibility to recruit when they know they are not making a permanent commitment.

There are many reasons why more and more manufacturing businesses in the UK are turning to the interim market to help themselves edge ahead of the competition.

Some of the more common scenarios include; providing cover for staff leavers, supporting business critical projects, providing sickness/maternity cover, ramping up to ensure on time customer delivery, addressing quality issues, driving operational & process improvements, supporting/mentoring junior managers and many more.

If you are an interim Professional or a Client and would like to speak to Core Talent about the possibility of recruiting a professional contractor please call the office on 0161 832 1378 and ask for me Adam Metcalf or another member of the Contract Team who will be happy to help. You can also contact me via email