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Top Tips for your Engineering Cover Letter

02 Jul 09:00 by CV-Library


Thank you to CV-Library for writing this blog for Core Talent!

Top tips for your engineering cover letter

Cover letters aren’t the most enjoyable part of the application process for most people; they can be time consuming and difficult to get your head around. Alongside this, there is pressure to write a perfectly crafted letter that stands out from the crowd.

If you’re currently in the process of writing your engineering cover letter, we’re here to help you out! Below we outline our tip tips for perfecting your letter, so you can nail your application in no time!

Do your research

Writing a cover letter takes a lot of preparation, so for now put down your pen. Before you begin, you need to research the company, role and anything you don’t understand on the job advert.

Search the company’s website, looking for the ‘about us’, ‘work for us’ or ‘careers’ sections. Here you should find useful information about who the company are and what they represent. You could take this research further by scouring Google and looking for any recent news articles about the company.

Tailor for the role

A generic cover letter just won’t cut it. The hiring manager wants to see that you’ve carefully crafted your letter, and that you’re genuinely passionate about the role and company. So if you don’t tailor each cover letter you write, it won’t impress.

Start by thinking about the key skills employers in the engineering industry are looking for, examples include creativity, innovation, great communication and attention to detail. Then be sure to demonstrate how you’re an expert in these skills by using real examples.

You can now take this further by looking carefully at the job description. The person specification is your best friend here and will show you exactly what skills they’re looking for. Match these with the skills on your CV making sure you tick all the right boxes.

Show your interest in the company

Companies want individuals who are passionate about their business and values. Hiring someone who fits in with the company culture is a huge priority for recruiters as it usually means the candidate will be better suited to the role. So make sure you show how invested you are in the company, not just your desire for the job title.

It’s also helpful to pick something from your research that made the company stand out to you. It might be something you read about on their website or a news article on the internet. You could also make reference to a particular project or product that they worked on. They will appreciate that you are interested in their business and this can help your application to stand out.

Be genuine and honest

While it’s important to sell yourself and demonstrate why you’re the best fit for the role, it’s also essential that you don’t lie. If you get caught out, recruiters will be quick to throw your application in the ‘no’ pile. Furthermore, there’s a whole host of problems that come with lying – if you land the job but aren’t up to scratch it could be stressful and potentially embarrassing.

Proofread thoroughly

Mistakes look unprofessional, so make sure you proofread thoroughly. Even the smallest mistake may hinder your application, suggesting that you pay little attention to detail. So don’t just proofread it once and leave it at that, do it several times.

Perhaps even ask a friend or relative to read through it again as an extra measure. After all, it’s better to be sure that your application is mistake-free and avoid the risk of a small typo impacting your entire application.

In summary

Remember to follow the pointers above when writing your engineering cover letter. Even if you find the process challenging, your time and effort will pay off in the long run - good luck!

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