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From Trainee to Consultant

30 Apr 09:00 by Tom Evans


The first few months as a recruitment trainee are tough. Particularly when it is your first ‘proper’ job following on from being at university. It doesn't feel like just starting a new job, but also like starting a whole new lifestyle. Long gone are the days of sleeping in until 11am, rolling into the library at 1pm getting your head down for a couple of hours then getting yourself home to catch The Chase at 5pm. Instead you’re up at 6am, in the office for 8am and by the time it reaches 11, you have already had 4 cups of coffee and made 8 sales calls.

However at the end of the day, you are still learning and you can still hide behind the trainee title. There’s not too much pressure on you to perform, as long as it looks like you are picking things up and progressing. They say recruitment is a rollercoaster, and there are ups and downs, you just need to make sure you learn from it and move on.

When I got promoted to recruitment consultant, a few things changed; a pack of business cards turned up at my desk, I got my own table in the finances excel document, and an increase in monthly budget. The biggest change however was the change to my mindset…

I now feel a greater sense of responsibility for my output, within the Transport team and the Core Talent in general. My attitude to a number of things have changed in the short space of time that I have been a consultant.

On the train to and from work I’m no longer scrolling through Twitter, I’m on Linked In. LinkedIn has even made it’s way onto my homepage on my phone, Snapchat being demoted to page number 2.

Instead of ambling into work on the walk from Piccadilly Station I walk with a little more purpose, I’m keen to get to the office. I am putting more pressure on myself to help more Candidates and to find the right people for my Clients, but I also have more confidence.

I have more confidence in my market knowledge, but also my knowledge of how to handle situations that are thrown at me daily. I now feel the training I was given as a rookie has given me the expertise in understanding what both candidates and clients want from me and helping me to deliver solutions to their problems.

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