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Recruitment & GDPR

23 Apr 09:00 by Jasmine Bartkiw



People often ask me why I wanted to get into Recruitment, as it can be fast-paced and very demanding. 

However, this is what I love. I studied International Business at University, and took a shine to some recruitment modules, learning about how different countries work and recruit with the impact of politics and the economy.

Recruitment is demanding, but it is also extremely rewarding.

In my current role, no two days are the same.

As well as helping candidates and recruiting people into roles for my clients, I am the sponsor for GDPR in my team.

Over the next few months, recruitment practices are going to become much tighter, and that’s with the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation which is going to be introduced in May. Companies all over the country are working hard to try and get this implemented before the deadline.

And for us, a recruitment company, this is extremely important as we hold a lot of data from our candidates and clients. Our main aim with this is to make sure we are compliant with all regulations and legislation, and to also keep our clients and candidates personal data safe and confidential.  

I would also urge candidates to review your CV and how much personal information you are sharing for example, you don’t need to put your full address or DOB.  Some candidates will also add their Photo to their CV’s this is not required. Just think, will this information I am adding help me get the job?

Over the next few months, things are going to change in Recruitment, but on a whole I think this will be more beneficial to our candidates and clients. 

If you are a Quality or HSE Manager within Consumer Goods or packaging please contact me to discuss our current oppourtunities on 0161 672 1101 or email me or if you want to discuss any of our roles, contact one of the team on 0161 832 1378.