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A Few Reasons Why Apprenticeships Are The Way Forward

25 Apr 12:00 by Elizabeth Alogba


Did you know? According to, Apprenticeship Statistics England 2017/18, there were 814,800 people participating in an apprenticeship in England, with 375,800 apprenticeship starts and 276,200 apprenticeship achievements. Imagine that! Completeing an apprenticeships in society today has its advantages opening more job prospects in your field of study. There are so many iconic figures who were once apprentices. For example, Jamie Oliver, Alexander McQueen, David Beckham, John Frieda, Stella McCartney and plenty other individuals who progressed to having a successfully career by partaking on an apprenticeships course.

Core Talent are passionate about the future generation of engineers and are always looking to support young individuals who aspire to work in this field. To become an apprentice in engineering or manufacturing one must have an idea of which area they would like to work in. For instance, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering etc. What interests you the most?

Also, don’t forget there are benefits to becoming an apprentice. Here is a list of some advantages of completing an apprenticeship programme:-

  • Working alongside experienced staff
  • Gaining job-specific skills
  • Earning a wage and getting holiday pay
  • Getting time for study related to your role
  • Spontaneity: complete a combination of practical training and studying on the job

Tiger Trailers is a perfect example of a company which offers apprenticeship programmes. Based in Winsford, Cheshire, Tiger Trailers is one of the UK’s leading trailer and bodywork manufacturers. The engineering company offers the opportunity for young, vibrant individuals to complete a Level 2 and 3 apprenticeship course in engineering and manufacturing.

If you are or know of young individual looking for a new opportunity to explore your interest in engineering and manufacturing? Then you can find out more here:

Core Talent’s very own Founder & Director, David Nesbitt, has also experienced being an apprentice in the past and gaining some valuable experience.

David mentions, “An apprenticeship is a really good way to earn whilst you learn. If you don’t want to go down the academic route it’s a great way to enter the workplace and gain vocational skills and experience on a structured programme of work based learning and training.”

He also says, “By the time you have finished your apprenticeship you will have a really good platform for your career whilst most graduates at the same age will just be entering workplace.”

If you are a current Engineering, Manufacturing or Construction student or business and have any questions about apprenticeships, please contact one of our consultants on 0161 832 1378 or you can email